Where have the cows in the European Union gone?

Where have the cows in the European Union gone?

29 September 2017
The number of dairy cows slaughtered is down in the first nine months of the year.

The drop is explained by competition in the dairy industry.

After very extensive reforms during the milk crisis, milk is now less available.
Milk prices have recovered.

In countries in which volatility is the highest, the rise in milk prices and of the prices of milk derivatives, such as butter, was more than 40% in June 2016.  
Given that, milk producers are keeping their livestock in production. Slaughterhouse input is unbalanced, with a majority of beef cattle, which increases the average price of cattle and reduces the slaughter of them, and furthermore, the animals being slaughtered are leaner and their average weight is lower.
All these factors mean that meat prices are taking off (prices went up more than 15% between June 2016 and June 2017), but the factors above all result in rarification of the goods available.

It is urgent to make plans for and to set aside product for upcoming requirements since it very well could be the case that there will not be enough to go around…even by paying a few pennies more.
So, pens at the ready to sign some contracts!