Nutri-Score, nutritional labelling for food

Nutri-Score, nutritional labelling for food

26 April 2017
During the course of the month of April, a new logo, christened “Nutri-Score”, will appear on some products on the shelves of French supermarkets.
Nutri-Score is a new system, which awards an overall mark to food products. The marks go from the letter A (in green) to the letter E (in red). The marks take into account everything that makes up a product, both good and bad nutrients.

It constitutes a visual system and its purpose is to make it easier for consumers to understand and to choose products.

Food manufacturers may use the system on their packaging, however the Nutri-Score system will only be implemented on a voluntary basis.
The introduction of the system on food packaging is a measure which is helpful to consumers, in that it encourages them to decide to purchase healthier food, food which is better for them.

ActiMeat already systematically provides nutritional information as regards all its products, in order that their great qualities are guaranteed.